Well, I’ve almost been in the beautiful country for a week. In that time, I’ve met three very cool American girls that came to DCU through the same program I did, CEA. We have essentially done most everything together including a day trip from Bray to Greystones where we did a two+ hour hike on the goregous east coastline. We also did a weekend trip to the city of Cork and stayed at our first hostile. We visited the Cork Butter Meusem, discovering how Ireland’s green turned to gold during the 70’s/80’s and we climbed the Shandon Bell Tower in the oldest church in Cork to see a full view of the city.

I have been absolutely loving my time here, but like everything, things come up that stress you out. Out of the 8 classes that I got pre-approved before coming over, only 3 actually were available to take this semester. Of those 3, only one actually was available to take due to time constraints. So for the  last 24 hrs, I have been frantically searching DCU classes and Platteville’s catalog to find classes that will actually transfer over. So it looks like I am taking 3 business classes this semester!

Today was the first day of classes and I got a taste of the exciting class called “Risk Management”. I’m sad to say that in the two hour class period, I dozed off twice. But now I know I just need to grab a coffee before I get to class for next Monday! I still have  two classes pending on this end for time schedules, so I still don’t have my classes figured out, but I have a time sheet I made with seven classes that I will attend this week just in case I do end up taking one of them.

I also have to straighten out some financial discrepancies that occured with this semester. BUT! I made it this far and nothing is stopping me. If I need to work a day or two a week to keep my stay, it’s not something I’m above doing. I don’t think I can flip pancakes like back in the ville, but we’ll see. I have faith that the good Lord has my back and will make it all work. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be laughing at being stressed over the little things.

For now, I’m waiting on some emails and phone calls. It’s a pain having to wait until the afternoon here to contact offices at home, but c’est la vie!

I’m missing all my friends and family back home, but not enough to leave (sorry not sorry, this place is magical). After this week is over and I’ve sat through all of my classes and gotten a feel for how the semester is going to flow, I can start planning some more trips throughout Ireland and to other countries. I’m pretty sure my first out of country stop will be Scotland and then London/Liverpool area. But, I’m pretty much game for any and all traveling.

My closing thoughts is a Irish Proverb, “for every mile of road there are two miles of ditches”.