Hello all! I can’t believe it’s already been almost a week since my last post. So much has happened to tell! Before I get started, I just want to say God is awesome and he’s always got a plan for you. It might not be your plan, but it’ll be better in the end. Thank you for getting me this far!

The beautiful picture above of the cross is of Phoenix Park in Dublin. I have only been to once on a Dublin bus tour through CEA. But I will certainly be back. Pope John Paul II came to this park in 1979 to give a mass and over 2.5 million people attended!

I got all of my classes figured out and after talking to a teacher tomorrow, I will only have classes from Tuesday to Thursday (Holla!). I don’t have to take Risk Management anymore so no more falling asleep in class for me! The first week of classes went well, I think all of my classes will be pretty interesting. I’m taking Intro to Marketing, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, and Political Terrorism. Two of my classes I have to walk a mile to get to a different campus but it’s the two classes I actually need to take for my gen eds.

As for the rest of the school week, the pub on campus (yes, I have a two minute walk to a pub from my dorm) on Tuesday nights have what they call “Shite Night” where they play terrible disco music. Since it was the first week of school, it was PACKED! I didn’t actually go to it, but I walked past it twice to go to the library to print class stuff for Platteville. You could hear the music for a solid 600 feet away from the pub and everyone looked like sardines. The Irish students go hard on Monday and Thursday nights, so I went out to see what it’s like. On Monday, which I was told the first Monday of the semester is called “Blackout Monday”, the girls and I took a bus to a club which we got wristbands for that got us free entrance before 11:30. The bus broke down about 1/4 of the way from DCU to the club and it was going to take another 2o minutes before another bus would come. So we decided to walk it. We met some fairly intoxicated Irish lads that were quite fun to talk to though. By the time we got there and stood in line for 45 mins, we had to still pay the cover charge of 10 euro. Now being that I’m trying to ball on a budget, I brought 7.50 because the deal for the night was 2.50 Vodka Redbulls so I thought “I don’t need more than 3 drinks, why bring more money?”. Well, I had to have one of the ladies spot me and I wasn’t able to purchase any drinks so that kind of put a damper on the night. Needless to say I didn’t participate fully in the “Blackout Monday”. But I still had a great time regardless.

I mentioned Cork in my last post but didn’t actually post any pictures about it. It’s not due to it not being picture-worthy, but it was a cloudy, rainy day when I visited (rainy and cloudy? In Ireland? Who would have thought!). Here is a panorama view of the city from Shandon Bell Tower. I stayed up there for a good ten minutes of so and looked at all of the different shaped buildings and people moving about on their daily routine.

On Thursday the girls and I went to an International Food Night hosted by CEA with all of the exchange students and it was so much fun! We dropped the ball and didn’t bring anything, but other Americans brought McDonald’s, puppy chow, PB&J’s, and chips and dip. My favorite two tables were the Danish table which had Danish sweets and the German table that had some dank pasta salad. I had an Irish dish called something pudding which was a piece of multi grain bread with some berries that were soaked in sheep blood. It was actually really tasty! I went back for seconds and would have gone for thirds but I didn’t want to be greedy.

I walked to the National Botanic Gardens about a mile away from DCU yesterday in the morning because I woke up and saw sunlight! It rains about every day so far, so I felt obligated to go seize the day. The gardens were absolutely phenomenal. I will definitely go back and recommend it to all that come visit. They had multiple greenhouses with different species of plants from all around the world. The picture of me below was a massive greenhouse with a jungle atmosphere. They also had close to a half of acre of walking paths with streams and plants all around. img_20170204_1402161

I went into town to go check out some other museums but I only went to one more, The National History Museum of Ireland. It consisted of lots and lots of dead animals. It wasn’t all that interesting. I only was there for about 20 minutes.

From there I was going to see the start of Six Nations Rugby tournament with a flatmate from France, but she told me the wrong time and I missed the Irish game. So I went shopping and came home. Next weekend is a double header at the stadium with hurling and Irish football. I already purchased my tickets for that one and I am super stoked to see it played out!

Tonight is the Superbowl, Go Falcons! I am going to the Captain America bar on Grafton street to watch it with the ladies. It’ll get done about 3:30am and I get to go class at 10am. Woohoo! I hopefully will be able to get this tutorial moved to Wednesday or Thursday so I don’t have on Monday (fingers crossed). I already booked some flights to different countries and they are leaving Thursday evening and getting back Monday late morning.

Here’s a picture of the squad from International Food Night. (Me, Shannon, Mycayla, and Ashlen). We have done most everything together for going out. They want to see all of Ireland and other countries just like I do. They’re fun girls and have been making this trip amazing so far. We have so many more adventures to come!


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