So before I talk about my hike I went on today, I realized that I haven’t really shown much of Dublin. And I haven’t because it’s hard to capture a city’s glory when your taking a picture. There’s also tons of construction going on in Dublin because they’re trying to connect a train together as well as just redoing a bunch on main roads. Even on my campus I’m awoken almost every morning by construction. But that’s life.

So the pictures above are just a few that I snapped this morning. The buildings are all quite old and I was told on a city tour that Dublin decided that they won’t make any changes to the buildings or add to the skyline to keep its beauty. This also includes not being able to repaint a certain color or having to buy very specific windows if one gets broken.

The streets are very crowded with cars, buses, and people J-walking everywhere.

Another aspect I wanted to share was the classrooms over here. They are really cramped! Every classroom I am in consists of a few rows of tables with chairs that are about six inches too close to each other. They also have less leg room than on a plane. This classroom seats about 100 students and this is the smallest room I have class in.

On Tuesday, the CEA sponsored a bowling night and even though I had a terrible first game, I got my first turkey ever!! It was on the tenth frame and I was so happy! Mycayla took a video to really capture the moment

Today I didn’t have class so I ventured South of Dublin to The Great Sugar Loaf Mountain, due to suggestions by Google. On the bus ride, I got a notification from Amazon saying that my GoPro stick finally was delivered, so that was a bummer. But now I’ll actually be able to utilize Zack’s GoPro. The second picture was taken shortly after I got off of the bus with the mountain in the distance. I was jamming to some tunes on the hike up and I was getting extremely pumped to make the trek up!┬áMy app took me up a very sketchy deer-trail going up after with lots of knee to hip length brush for a solid twenty minutes or so until I reached an actual path.

To no surprise the view once I got up was incredible.


I only stayed at the top for about a half hour due to the crazy cold wind which you can here in the video. I dressed in two light sweatshirts and a jacket before I left and about five minutes on the hike up, I removed the sweatshirts. By the time I got up to the top I had a pretty decent sweat going, which was instantly gone when I reached the peak. The view was phenomenal. I wish I could describe the rolling hills and the multiple different shades of green. These pictures do a fairly good job capturing the moment but it’s even more beautiful in person.

For now, that’s all I got. Tomorrow I’m going to go see my first hurling and Irish football game at Croke Park. It’s suppose to rain heavily during it, but bring it on rain!