On Monday I traveled to Howth with Mycayla and had an excellent day even though we missed our first two buses.


We got off the train and went down to the coast right away where hiked a 7km path mainly on the coastline. I finally had a GoPro stick so I brought that bad boy along and a video of our adventure.

To end an absolutely beautiful hike, we went to Crabby Joe’s by my new friend John’s recommendation. It was a little more than I wanted to pay for fish and chips, but it was worth it.

From Tuesday-Thursday I went to class, but mainly focused on getting itineraries done for friends coming to see me in less than a month!! Thursday I went to my first basketball club practice and had a ton of fun.


Friday I went to Glendalough with Shannon through the CEA and it was a great day to see the lower mountain range. It was Colleen’s 21st birthday today, so we went out to O’Neils because it’s that amazing. I had corned beef and it was the best thing I’ve eaten since I have arrived!! Friday also marked being in this great country for 1 month. Crazy how time just flies by.

My plan for Saturday was to get up by 6:30, bus my way down to the top of the Wicklow Mountains, and go 27 km to the high middle area. That didn’t happen thank God! Darren messaged me asking if I wanted to join him and his friend on a hike of Lugnaquilla at 10:00. So we got down to the base of the mountain and went to a pub to ask for some advice on routes. They strongly advised us not to go on the hike so they gave us an alternative route that started in Glendalough but not the same trail I did the day before.

It ended up being an incredible hike, but about half way through our 3 hour hike I was 100% soaked head to toe. We went over 12km and 860 m in elevation.  We had a blast going up but most of the time we had about a half of km visibility. I tried to get how hard the wind was blowing with the rain on camera but it didn’t come through the best.

I’m definitely going to be back to hike some more on these rugged mountains. Until then, I got some papers I need to start writing so I don’t have to worry about it during my “reading week” aka St. Patrick’s Week.  Oh yeah and I’m doing a day trip to London and then 4 day trip to Scotland this week. I love my life. Every week I make more and more friends that are down to travel and have a great time. I am truly blessed.

Shout out to my pops for getting Snapchat back. Bigger shout out to Carly who put together an incredible care package for me. Love you guys.