What a crazy week! I knew that March was going to fly by while over here but not already spent a full week quick! It certainly does not feel like I have been here for 42 days. I am so grateful for studying over here and truly do not want this to ever end. I’ve met so many excellent people and seen some incredible sights. Praise God for keeping me safe so far and allowing me to travel.

So London! I would suggest a solid two full days to when you stay here. I went with three quality people, John, Cara, and Alex. Our squad felt like we did really well keeping a faster pace but still being able to take the destination in. Our flight left at 6:30am and we arrived and asked how to get the cheapest tickets into the city. This employee  gave us train to the City Centre and back for only £11. We were in the city centre for about eight hours and walked over 7 miles.

London Map

Here’s a video of the day:

Most of this trip I had an idea of what each stop was, but I didn’t really do much research on what to expect. The first stop was the Tower of London. I knew to expect a castle and I thought that there was going to be a little bit more than what we got. But it was still worth seeing the Crown Jewels and White Tower as well as a bunch of armor and lots more.

From there we went to my favorite stop for the trip: St. Paul’s Cathedral. Absolutely breathtaking. John and I wanted to get ashes for Ash Wednesday but sadly we missed a service by about 45 minutes and the next one wasn’t until 17:00. I really wanted to take picture inside of the cathedral but it wasn’t allowed. I’m a little glad though in all honestly because I know that it wouldn’t have done it justice. The church is massive. It’s the biggest church I have ever seen with the most intricate interior designs and statues everywhere.

After St. Paul’s we headed to Tate Modern art museum from Shannon’s suggestion. Again, massive building! One half of the building had 6 floors of exhibits and the other had 10 AND it’s free. We easily could have stayed there for four or five hours no problem. But we only spent 45 minutes checking out some pretty stellar artwork. Next, we went to the London Eye. It was neat to get a view of the city on it and glad I did it once, but I wouldn’t go to it again.

Then we walked to Big Ben, Westminster Palace and Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalga Square where we had dinner at Sherlock Holmes. Nothing really to note about the stops other than that were awesome to see. I tried my first beef and ale pie and it was fantastic. We tried two local beers, Sherlock Holmes and Camden. Since we were only doing a day trip, John and I also tried some local gin. We wanted to try Beefeater but settled for Little Bird. Not a gin fan to say the least.

We caught a train back to the airport and got back to DCU by about midnight. It was a solid trip. It would have been cool to see a little more night life but I can always come back! I enjoyed walking everywhere to get a little better feeling of the city. I think a bus tour wouldn’t have been worth it for the amount of time.

I’m going to dump way more picture on Facebook but here’s a few of my favorites.

I have so much more to tell! I just did four nights in Scotland and drove 850+ miles. What an adventure. I have to get some sleep so I can bang out a paper tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about it when my friends start arriving!! I’ll work on getting Scotland up by Thursday as well as the pictures for both trips. Fingers crossed.