Hello all! It’s been a bit since my last post and I definitely have a lot to catch up on. I’m heading back to the 10th of March, the start of my “Reading Week” here at DCU.
I met the Platteville squad  at the airport Friday morning with a taxi ready to go. We dropped half of their luggage at DCU and went to the city centre right away to get them their first Guinness. After a quick bite, we were off to Cork. The itinerary for the first few days of travels were on a fairly tight schedule so it wasn’t great that we arrived on a bus in Cork five minutes late. As we pulled into Cork, our next bus to Blarney pulled out of the bus station. We grabbed our bags from the bottom of the bus as Todd made the play of the trip as he flagged down our bus stopped at the next intersection and miraculously he let us all on.
I called the Barney office and they informed me that they close the doors at exactly 5:30…our eta was 5:29. We got off the bus and sprinted to the office before it closed. After kissing the Blarney Stone and checking out the Poison Garden, we went back to a Cork for dinner and to catch our bus to Killarney. We checked out a pub or two and called it a night once we got there.
The next day we bought some sandwich materials for lunch and took a tour of the Ring of Kerry on an absolutely beautiful day. It has the highest peak in Ireland in the mountains as well as some incredible coastal views.
Once our tour was done, we left for Ennis to take a taxi to Doolin. Our taxi driver was a funny Irish lad with a lot to say. He dropped us off at our hostel in Doolin where we met Jane. Jane is a temporary care taker for the hostel and was quite the character. In short, she didn’t get along with most of the squad. So we dropped our stuff off and walked down the road to a pub where we had a few pints. We finally headed back to the hostel at about 1:00 to get up at 5:30 and walk to the Cliffs of Moher.
We got to the start of the Cliffs as the sun was coming over the hills to the eat. We left for the Cliffs so early so we could make a ferry to the Aran Islands. I called the ferry once we got back to the hostel to confirm the departure time. The man on the phone informed me that it was too choppy to sail today.
After eating breakfast over a game of cribbage, we split up in 2 groups. Half saw the Doolin Caves and half rented bikes to head back to the cliffs. Let’s just say the Bad Boyz had nothing on us.
We biked up some monster hills but the views were incredibly worth it in the cliffs. We took a short nap at the top and laughed about if fish screaming. The gang met up and left for Galway. I had a hankering for some pizza so after met a British doppleganger of Ricky at the hostel front desk we stopped at Fat Joe’s in the city centre for some. We went on a little pub crawl where I met Wille and Trish at the last pub. They were an older couple that talked with Colton, Brebs, Brody and I for a good hour. The next morning we left back for Dublin to switch buses to Belfast. We got to this new country and got some dank burritos from Boojum. I highly recommend them. After mowing down a burrito we left for an expedited tour of the Titanic. We walked a lot of Belfast and checked out some murals across the city before heading back to our hostel. 
On the bus ride to Belfast, we met a bunch of girls that live in Belfast so we asked tons of questions of the city and got suggestions of where to go. The best suggestion we received by far was to go to the pub called Filthy McNasties. And we sure went. We all hoped for it to live up to its name it certainly did. It had so many bars and levels to this pub. Unfortunately it was a Monday and not bumping when we got there so we only got a drink and headed to the next suggestions. The coolest pub I’ve been to so far was The Duke of York and the alleys surrounding it.
We got up early and headed to our Game of Thrones themed tour of Northern Ireland. It was so cool! I didn’t realize how much filming was done around the world in different locations but we got to see some of the shooting locations which were awesome to see. My favorite stop on the tour was Giant’s causeway. It was just so bizarre how there was hexagonal stones everywhere enclosed on the coastline with mounds surrounding it. Those same hexagonal stones are also directly across the way to Scotland which is also mind boggling. We also went over the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
which I strongly considered not paying the £6 to cross the 40m bridge, but did anyway and it was worth it.
We got back to Dublin where we split again for our bnbs and grab our bags. Wednesday and Thursday was taken laid back in the city. We were all tired, at least I was, from all the traveling and getting minimal sleep. We went all around the city. St. Stephen’s Green, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, Guinness Storehouse, the Modern Art Museum, and just exploring different streets. The next day was the last full day for Platteville and the first day for Molly and Tommie, or better known as St. Patrick’s day.
My next post was going to be just St. Patrick’s day, but unfortunately, the Atlantic Ocean claimed Zack’s GoPro I was using, so if I have enough footage. But we ended St. Patrick’s night at my favorite pub so far, J.W. Sweetmans, after we completed a good 7/8 pub crawl. We did not want to leave the city centre but we knew that we needed to get up in 4 hours.
Here’s a video of my “Reading Week”
The Platteville gang left and Molly Tommie and I went to the hospital to get a prescription for Molly’s kidney stone pain. This squeezed their itinerary a bit, I was able to still get nearly everything they wanted to do in. The girls did bus tours to the Cliffs and Galway and of Northern Ireland by themselves and killed it. They said they tours were excellent and didn’t have a problem catching their buses and such. I did go with them to the Ring of Kerry and Blarney Stone with Mycayla but I had to actually do a presentation and a paper that week so I couldn’t join them.
Their last full day was in Dublin and where they explored and got some tattoos. I took them to the pub on my campus and then to a pub in between DCU and the city centre called McGowens. We got back at about 2 so they girls could get a solid three hours of sleep. They got up and caught there plane at 9am. I did some more homework, submitted my paper and packed my bag for surfing through the CEA.
The last few weeks have been an absolute blast, just like the rest my time here but it was stellar to see some familiar faces. I can’t wait for Rachel and now my big sis Cyan to come and check this country out too. I’m truly blessed.