Wow. April 27th already. Where does the time go? Like usual, I have so much to tell!

Heading back to Easter weekend, I was able to go worship in St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ’s Church Cathedral for Good Friday and Easter. On Easter the squad all did a huge potluck dinner which was absolutely fantastic. We all were in a massive food coma as the food was excellent. FB_IMG_1492348149763

Moving through the week there was some big birthday’s that occurred! My pops, Noah, Jay, Kayley, Mycayla, Linda, and today for Zack! Happy birthday everyone!

Thursday was the Summer Ball at the Wright Venue to celebrate the end of classes for the semester. What a crazy night. There was at least 2000 DCU students there and everyone was in their “summer attire”. Lots of dancing happened.

This past week (and the rest of this week as well as part of next) was writing papers for classes. For those wondering, studying while studying abroad is not fun. But, considering the amount of work that I have actually put in this semester, I have no complaints!

That brings me up to this last excellent trip! Beth and I wanted to road trip Wales for awhile, all we needed to do was convince some people. Since we are done with classes, a majority of my friends had already booked flights. I wanted to get at least two more people to make renting a car and gas real cheap. John and Jay were set on going to Scotland to road trip, but they realized that we were going to have a great time road tripping Wales and joined in with Kayley. I believe the Snapchat I received said “F it, let’s road trip Wales!”


We had a 40 min flight to the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool where we rented a car. We had to get a ride to the rental agency and when we got there, we go upgraded to a brand new Peugeot with only 2 miles on it!Snapchat-397136304[1]

We left Liverpool for our first destination at Caernarfon to see a gigantic castle.

After an hour of walking around in the cold, we set off for Snowdonia National Park. This was stunning. There were so many little villages spread out through this huge park. We stopped about halfway through the park and walked around in a random forest to see some extremely tall trees and pretty streams. We found some make-shift shelters and John wanted to make one of his own, so we took some time making one.

After the hike, we stopped at some waterfalls next to a very pretty lake in Snowdonia before we headed out.


We headed down to Cardiff for the night where our hostel was. Before we arrived, there was a lamb that was in the middle of the road and terrified. We ended up pulling over with two more vehicles and tried to get it to go back into the fence where it came from.

After that incident, we checked into our hostel in Cardiff and went straight for some food. After a good 15 minutes trying to find a place, we finally picked an Irish venue called O’Neil’s. It was soooooo good. I got a burger which had a beef patty, chicken patty, and country fried chicken all on it as well as chips and a drink for on 10 pounds. And after a long day of driving it all tasted incredible. I tried a Welsh beer called Carling beer that tasted exactly like a Bud Light. We stopped at two more pubs before calling it a night for an early morning drive to Stonehedge.

Stonehedge was very cool and my first World Wonder. It had an eerie feel surrounding it, but it was certainly worth the detour.


From Stonehedge, we headed to Liverpool for the Beatles Story Museum. Man this was cool! We were supposed to drop the car back off at 4:00, but we go to the museum at 4:00 and stayed until 5:15 ish. Totally worth it. It was really neat to see pictures of them first starting out in little bars and gradually getting bigger and bigger.


Once we walked through the museum, we realized that we were really cutting it close for our flight. So we drove back to the car rental and nobody was there. So we called and waited for a worker to inspect the car and drop us back off at the airport. He ended up dropping us off a good 500 yards away so we went for a dead sprint to get not only the airport, but also through the entire building. We waited in the security line for a good 15 minutes bringing us to about 6:40. Our boarding passes said this in when the gate closed for our 7:10 departure. We all got through security (this was the first time I have ever not been stopped in an airport!!) and ran to our gate where we barely arrived on time.

Overall, it was an excellent trip and I’m so glad it went so smoothly. I had such a great group with me to make the car rides entertaining and to share all of the new scenery. I’m going to grab the GoPro videos from John over the next day or two and hopefully throw a video together by mid next week of the trip.

Also, it is very important that I try to explain just how many sheep we saw during our drive. In Wales, there are 3 million people that live there and 11 million sheep. We saw at least 20,000 of those sheep if not more. It is difficult to even give an estimate of how many we saw, but damn it was a lot of sheep. I mean crazy amount of sheep.

My next big trip won’t be until I leave Ireland (currently). But! Cyan comes in exactly one week!!!!! I’m so excited. Love you sis.